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Investment opportunities in transport shipping

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Transport shipping offers numerous investment opportunities

The figures are impressive: around 90 percent of world trade is taken over by transport shipping, making it by far the most important means of transport. Transport shipping consists of both general cargo ships and ships transporting bulk goods, oil or containers.

Transport shipping has become an integral part of trade between Asia and Europe and across the Pacific and Atlantic and has also established itself as an interesting field for investment.

Transport shipping as a financial investment

The idea of using transport shipping as a financial investment is almost as old as transport shipping itself. Legendary sailors and explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Fernando Magellan secured sufficient financial resources for their expeditions and the subsequent transport of gold and other goods and raw materials was also financed in advance in order to make a profit.

Investors in transport shipping were often the royal houses, but this possibility also existed for entrepreneurs and private individuals of the time.


How can you invest in transport shipping?

An investment in transport shipping can take various forms.

In recent years, for example, crowd investing has developed into a clever form of financing and promises above-average returns in the long term. In this case, the investment in transport shipping is made by granting a subordinated loan at fixed interest rates and with a clear repayment schedule.

There are both forms with payment at the end of the term of several years and quarterly payments. The investment in transport shipping is already possible with smaller amounts in crowd investments – but the risk of a total loss should always be borne in mind.


Opportunities for transport shipping

The investment opportunities offered by transport shipping are enormous. Usually it is the shipping companies that want to buy a new ship or modernize an existing one. Against the background of stricter environmental regulations from 2020 and 2022, these are sensible investments in the future and the competitiveness of ships.

Their steel value, which is also rising continuously, is secured. In addition, the chartering out and assumption of regular transport orders can passively earn money that flows to the investors.

Considering that world trade and thus also transport shipping have grown continuously over the past decades, yields far above those paid in the fixed-term deposit or life insurance sectors appear absolutely realistic. In addition, transport shipping is something real and its meaningfulness can be understood in one’s own everyday life.

In the western world, there is hardly a household that does not contain any goods or objects that have not entered the country through transport shipping – be it just electrical appliances or clothing made in Asia.

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