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Investing in ships

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Investing in ships

Investing in ships many centuries ago was already an effective way to earn money or to get people to work for you. What in earlier years was mainly reserved for wealthy merchants and later banks and companies, is made possible with Marvest for the first time in the German market by crowdinvestments for private investors.

Already with a sum of 500 Euro you can invest in ships and profit from up to seven percent yield. We can tell you what is behind this and how you can invest in ships.

History of investment in ships

If you take a look at the biography of one of the most famous seafarers of all time, Christopher Columbus, you will discover his appeals for support for a planned cruise. In 1484 Columbus first tried it with the Portuguese king, then with the Spanish queen Isabella, who after a long back and forth decided to make an investment.

The contract, which went down in the annals as the “capitulation of Santa Fe”, assures Columbus of a certain share of the profit of his journey, but also ensured its financing. The rest is – as they say so nicely – “history” and even the discovery of America would not have taken place if nobody had wanted to invest in ships.

Other seafarers also had their voyages paid for in advance in the future. An interesting detail of this story is the simultaneous emergence of insurance policies to protect investors.

The name was borrowed from the Spanish word “casco” for the ship’s hull and is still used today in the field of vehicle insurance. The first “Casco insurances” were already closed in Venice in the 14th century and ensured that the granted “sea loan” was secured.

The tradition of the sea loan originates even from the Roman right and was known in the antiquity under the names “faenus nauticum” or also “pecunia traiecticia”. In this country one spoke later of Bodmerei or also Großaventurei, whereby both forms have nothing to do with a Crowdinvestments usual today.

Investing in ships today

Let us jump from the times of Columbus into the “here and now”. The interest in financing ships is still there and more and more people want to invest in ships. The reason lies in the stable order situation of the maritime industry and the still increasing world trade, which mostly takes place over the oceans.

In Germany alone, it brings the maritime industry to an estimated annual turnover of 50 billion euros and represents the direct or indirect employer for around 400,000 people. Investing in ships is therefore worthwhile and ensures participation in lucrative growth projects.

The phase in which overcapacities existed is long gone and, in addition, both the logistics and the technology of the ships have continuously evolved. Shipping is a stable industry with solid growth forecasts that delivers pleasing figures year after year. Above all, however, the necessity of transporting goods across the oceans is not in question.

How to invest in ships?

In earlier years, investing in ships was reserved exclusively for proven experts or banks and shipping companies. In the meantime, there are both ship securities and opportunities to realise considerable profits through crowdinvestment.

We at Marvest facilitate the investment and also make it possible for private individuals and small investors. The transactions in the crowd investing sector are secured by the Small Investors Protection Act of 2015 and can be perfectly scaled.

From an amount of 500 euros, you can invest in ships and increase your investment in steps of 50 euros each. Please note that the legislator has set a maximum limit of 25,000 euros. For amounts above this limit, we offer you individual advice.

Investing in ships nowadays takes just a few clicks. The first step is to register with Marvest. Once this has been done, you have access to a range of attractive projects that go hand in hand with comprehensive information. You will find out exactly which ship it is and what return can be expected.

First-class return opportunities

In general, the return on investment is one of the most important arguments for investing in ships. The interest rates are already fixed in advance and amount to up to seven percent p.a..

Your interest is paid out either annually or quarterly, so that you can let your ships work for you in the truest sense of the word. The amount once invested will then be repaid to you in one piece after the financing period has expired, or it will be repaid during the project period.

You are asking about the security? This is understandable, as insurance has developed in the shipping sector. In this specific case, some of the ships already have chartering contracts with large companies and are also owned by renowned shipping companies with a long tradition.

Furthermore, the ships are all in good to very good technical condition and already have an enormous steel value in their own right. Also secured is an early sale of the ship, with project-dependent compensation for lost interest. However, it must be pointed out that there is no 100 percent security.

Investing in ships means taking advantage of exceptional return opportunities, but is also associated with the risk of loss. If you invest in ships, you should first become clear about your investment strategy and consciously spread the risk.


Transparent investment form

When you invest in ships, you benefit from a form of investment that offers maximum transparency. In contrast to equities or ETFs, this form of investment is about something concrete and tangible.

The crowdinvestment is linked to a single ship whose voyages you can track at any time. In addition, you receive detailed reports both in advance of your investment and during the entire term, so that you are always up to date with the latest information.

What you also benefit from is Marvest’s great expertise. Our company works professionally and selects only those ships that stand up to a precise analysis and an assessment of all opportunities and risks.

In other words, we secure your investment with our know-how and are interested in long-term cooperation.

We know that “investing in ships” does not only look back on a rich past, but also has a lot of future.

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