Marvest GmbH – Invest in institutional grade maritime investment projects

Solving shipowners needs

Marvest gives shipowners access to mezzanine and debt capital. As a digital one stop shop for maritime finance we aim to establish long term relationships with our project partners.

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Our services

Marvest offers innovative financial services that solve shipowners' capital needs and give them the freedom to focus on their projects.

What can be financed?

Marvest investors provide loans to finance newbuildings or second-hand asset acquisitions, refinancing of existing loans or provide bridge loans for working capital.

Our services

Marvest takes over the role as financial and legal engineer and gives shipowners access to the privileged investment act. In this process we are responsible for the structuring and marketing process and give shipowners access to our investors network. The data and information provided by the shipping company is used exclusively for project evaluation purposes and remains confidential.

Financing with Marvest

Providing flexibility to our partners as financial technology company


Financing request

Contact us and send us your data and documents to the respective project. Our team will evaluate them and make you an offer after the due diligence process.


Term sheet

After successful review of your project the term sheet is signed.



Following the signing of the contract, we make your project accessible to our investors. Your project will be listed on our platform in the project overview. Here our investors can get a detailed picture of the asset and the partners involved.


Investing period

Interested investors can invest as little as 500 € in a project. Our investors do not acquire a share but become creditors of the one-ship company (SPV).



After successful funding and fulfilment of all due diligence criteria, the funds are released to the project partner via the escrow account.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding project appraisal conditions or terms and conditions.