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Why invest in maritime assets now?

There are many good reasons for maritime investments.

In times of low interest rates investors struggle to find attractive and right yield generating investments to earn passive income.

Marvest connects investors with the most reputable shipowners and evaluates each asset through a strict due diligence process in order to secure high-quality investment to our investors.

We open up maritime investment markets to everybody and help our investors to find attractive, sustainable and smart investment solutions.

Growth markets

The shipping markets offer high yield generating investment opportunities in different market segments. Because of its strong macro- and microeconomic conditions, global shipping markets are expected to show a sustainable long term market growth.

Extension of your portfolio

You can easily diversify your portfolio. Through the strong market diversification of the selected investments you add a balanced diversification to you portfolio.

Access to attractive market niches

Investors have the flexibility to invest in the projects of their choice. We provide all relevant investment information on the platform.

Selected partners

Our teams’ and shareholders’ network of the most reputable shipowners worldwide provides a constant deal flow. After an extensive due diligence process Marvest makes asset based investment opportunities accessible to investors.

Steel value as natural security

A special feature of commercial vessels is the fact that, in addition to their market value, the respective vessels have a natural commodity value in form of steel. This is an additional security as downside protection for our Investors.

Maritime experience

Our team and shareholders haves many years of experience in the maritime industry as well as in the technology and financial industry.

And this is how it works

We want to make the investment process as simple and transparent as possible for you.

1. Inform

Find out more about the individual projects. All relevant information and details are clearly stated in detail on the project details page.

2. Select

Choose a project and decide where you would like to invest your money.

3. Invest

The invested capital is accumulated and transferred to an escrow account and forwarded to the selected project. We will keep you permanently informed about your investment.

4. Earn

Simply track the progress of your investment earn a passive income at quarterly payments instalments.

The investment process

We want to make the investment process as simple and transparent as possible. Our strict due diligence process guarantees high quality assets at the terms as of investment professionals, but you can invest as little as EUR 500.


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The sign-up process is free of charge. Your registration gives you access to the investment offerings.


Select project

In the project overview you will find the respective project details for each asset. Here you can get a detailed picture of the respective project.


Invest from as little as EUR 500

Decide for yourself how you want to invest your money by using a transparent and fully digital investment process, approved by BaFin. Invest in one or more projects of your choice and create your own investment portfolio.


Earn passive income

The project duration is between 12 and 72 months. You do not become shareholder of the respective SPV, but become a creditor of your project. The Marvest team will keep you up to date on current developments during the project period.


Fixed interest up to 7,00 % p.a.

Receive fixed interest on quarterly or annual interest payments and benefit from a performance kicker in case of early asset sale.

This is what happens with your investment

Where does your investment flow and how does your project earn money?
This is what happens with your investment

Your and the co-investors funds are collected on an escrow account and will be forwarded to the project after fulfilment of payout conditions. The ship generates revenues from operations either over an existing charter contract or in the spot markets. The revenues earned are used to repay interest and amortise the loan.

Single investments above 25.000 €

The German legislator BaFin has limited the maximum possible investment amount for private investors to a maximum ticket size of EUR 25.000.

If you as a private investor are interested in investing more than EUR 25.000 in a project, there is the opportunity to receive an individual tailor made offer as a private investor.

If you are interested please contact us over the phone or via Email.

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If you have any questions regarding the investment process or your customer account, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Note pursuant to § 12 (2) Investment Act:

The acquisition of this asset investment is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.