Marvest GmbH – Invest in institutional grade maritime investment projects

About us

Maritime, financial and technological expertise within one strong team

Marvest is an online platform specialized in digital maritime investments of institutional quality.

We believe in the power of technology to connect the world’s most reputable shipping companies with investors over a fully digitized investment platform.

For years, investors have suffered from limited access to deals of inconsistent quality, paired with high fees and very little decision making power over their capital.

We have set ourselves the goal of offering private investors as well as semi- and institutional investors the opportunity to invest transparently in attractive and high-yield maritime assets while at the same time creating new access to capital for ship owners.

We take the best elements of a high-quality maritime investing service, remove gatekeepers, intransparency and cost and make ship investing as easy as an e-commerce transaction with technology.

Marvest was founded by various entrepreneurs, who bring together years of experience in shipping, technology, financial engineering and legal expertise.


Nikolaus Reus - Founder
Nikolaus Reus
Leopold Graf zu Dohna - Shipping Projects
Leopold Graf zu Dohna
Shipping Projects
Niklas Scharffetter - Marketing
Niklas Scharffetter
Florian Rehder - Development
Florian Rehder