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Funding successful

0 %
Type of Financing Junior Loan
Maximum Volume 350,000 €
Funding limit 300,000 €
Duration ca. 48 months
Interest 7.00 % p.a.
Asset Bulk Carrier
Minimum Investment 500 €
Payment schedule Quarterly

Funding successful

0 %
Type of Financing Junior Loan
Maximum Volume 1,500,000 €
Funding limit 1,000,000 €
Duration ca. 72 months
Interest 6.50 % p.a.
Asset Multi Purpose Vessel
Minimum Investment 500 €
Payment schedule loan final

Why invest with Marvest

Invest together with the European market leader for digital maritime investments. We not only want to invest differently, but above all want to make investments more transparent and better - to our investors` benefits. That`s why we invest together with you and make professional investors grade investments accessible for everyone.

7.00 % interest p.a.

Invest as a creditor in high-quality maritime projects and earn fixed interest up to 7.00% p.a.

No hidden fees for investors

The cost structure of every investment offering is transparent and clearly stated at any time.

Quarterly interest payments

Benefit from our selected projects, for which you can often expect attractive interest rates from the second quarter onwards.

Short durations

Project duration between 12 – 72 months.

Debt based

All investment offerings are structured as loans with fixed interest rates and repayment schedule.

Senior secured

Investment offerings can be indirectly senior secured over a registered mortgage in the ship registry, meaning you are first in line to be repaid.

Attractive yields

Our projects offer attractive interest rates at an appropriate risk/return profile.

100 €
304 €
1120 €

Fixed Deposit

12 Months
Interest: 0.65 % p.a.1

Corporate Bonds

12 Months
Interest: 1.90 % p.a.2


12 Months
Interest: 7.00 % p.a.

Exemplary total repayment in the case of a bullet repayment with a yield of 7.00% p.a. and a duration of twelve months. You will find the exact distribution in the respective project details.

1) Source:
2) Source: Bundesverband deutscher Banken - As of: 17.11.2016

Michael Westhagemann, Hamburg`s Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation

„Digital and innovative start-ups such as Marvest are promoting Hamburg as a global shipping hub and are essential to lead the shipping industry into the digital economy. Marvests concept has already established itself as a sustainable business model in many other industries and is now being consistently implemented in the shipping industry by Nikolaus Reus team. We gladly support this entrepreneurial mindset.“

Michael Westhagemann
Hamburg`s Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation
Håvard Vaage, Shipowner, Eos Bulk Invest AS

„Marvest offers a forward-looking and innovative opportunity to finance maritime projects. As the first international partner based in Norway, we benefit from the innovative business model and see great potential for both investors and shipping companies in the future.“

Håvard Vaage
Shipowner, Eos Bulk Invest AS
Lucius Bunk, Shipowner, Auerbach Schifffahrt

„The fundraising platform Marvest is a pioneer of establishing innovative business models in the shipping industry. A modern, transparent and innovative approach to raise capital for attractive maritime projects.“

Lucius Bunk
Shipowner, Auerbach Schifffahrt

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Note pursuant to § 12 (2) Investment Act:

The acquisition of this asset investment is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.